Thursday, March 15, 2012

BOB Entry 5

The Hunger Games
The Capitol is a tyrannical city that has dominance over the other 12 districts. They host a game every year where 12 people from each district have to fight to the death. Katniss from district 12 is picked in this book. She is a very special person because she is the one that will finally end the Capitol’s tyranny. The Capitol holds these games and a lot of people die. Katniss wants to defy the Capitol and show them that they can’t control people like that and make them fight to the death. So she starts an uprising to destroy the Capitol.

The Highest Tide
The protagonist Miles is dealing with difficulties of life. Being a teen and dealing with difficulties is the main antagonist.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

BOB Entry 4

Mariah Szot
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games was a good adventurous and compelling book! It involved a lot of action and wildness! Young Katniss is sent from District 12 to the Hunger Games. Unfortunately it was by choice..because Katniss sister was suppose to be the tribute, and Katniss did not want that. Inside the games get rough. Katniss is faced with some pretty tough struggles. Katniss makes it through to the end only to be pulled up by the helicopter. Katnisss kills the wild dogs and then gets coped up from the Capital. The finally of the book ends with Katniss concludes from the Games and makes it alive (:

The Hunger Games
Young Katniss is randomly picked from her district to play a game known as “The Hunger Games”. The Capitol holds this game to show their dominance over the other districts. It is a game to the death with 1 person from each district. She wins all games she is put in but she gets tired of it and wants to defy the Capitol. She wants to defy the Capitol and show them that the other districts can be independent. She gets this achieved with the help of her friends and the workers.

The antagonist of the book” Peak” is zopa and son-jo. They were at first friends of peak but at the same
time they didn’t know what the real reason or the purpose of peak climbing to the summit. So once
they find out they will turn against peak and try to climb to the top before peak and his father does. The
protagonist of the book peak is Peak Marcello. Because he is the main character of the story and he is
just going with the flow of things.



Protagonist Letter

Dear Anne from the novel: The Boxes

                I think that you shouldn’t have disobeyed your uncle in the first place. Because you had no reason to disobey him. You wouldn’t have gone through that whole fiasco. You were lucky the situation didn’t create a disaster. Next you should’ve stood up to your aunt in the first place and told her flat that you didn’t like the way she treated you. If she wouldn’t listen talk with your uncle about it on one of his visits. Now put in the position of opening the boxes and seeing what you saw you should’ve reported it to the police immediately. Like I said you were lucky no disaster was caused. Now when you were under crutchley’s hand you were right to run since you and Henry were afraid for your life. In conclusion I think in your life you did have a few slip up. Most of the time you made the right decision.

Yours truly,

Nancy Kington,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

BOB Entry One

Book Title: Peak.
Fourteen year Peak Marcello’s after being arrested for climbing a skyscraper in New
York City, finds his long lost father at his trial. Taken away by his father to Napal the
find that they had more an incoming then they thought. But as the climb to the top of the
mountain peak finds out his father is selfish and bring him along for his own personal

Book Title: Peaches.
Peaches is a juicy book filled with drama and suspense making you want to come back for
more. All the girls in this book (Murphy, Leeda and birdie) have different ways of life , different
ways of seeing things and different ways of putting up with each other for a summer down
on the peach orchard. Murphy Mcogowen is a sexy girl that the boys would all stop and stare
at she is also a tough girl who craves trouble and excitement in her life , she has a lot to put
up with in her life along with working on the peach orchard for a full summer with Leeda and
Birdie . Leeda is a gorgeous girl with curly locks of blonde and perfect skin . She feels as though
Rex (leedas boyfriend) is all she has aside from her life of luxury . Birdie is a young looking girl
who is always following the rules of her father and helping him run the peach orchard. While
reading this book I learned that no matter how different you are or how you live life there are
always friends out there that will love you.

The Highest Tide
Miles O’Malley is a 13 year old boy who loves to go out to a bay he lives right by and collect specimens, creatures and such. His friend Professor Kramer knows a lot about biology and taught miles a lot about biology.  His friend Angie Stegner is on drugs and has an addictive personality. Florence an old woman he likes to go to for advice is having trouble getting around and is in danger of going to assisted living. He hears one night that that his parents are thinking about getting a divorce. He fears he will have to say good bye to his beloved bay.


The character in this story is facing a life of running and hiding from the Nazis because he is a Jew. It is a fictional book, and also a comic. It is still gritty, giving details of what the Nazis did to the Jews. They burned them, killed them, took their money, property, and everything imaginable.  Even though World War Two is over the memories still haunt him. His son is a book writer and wants all the details of the war and his father’s personal life in Nazi Germany. His father tells him the story of his life and that is the book is written out. The story switches back and forth from real life and his father’s life.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

BOB Entry Two

The story of Peak Marcello is an amazing adventure story- - So plot is a perfect place because it attracts
a lot of adventures people: Mount Everest. Peak Marcello was born and raised into the business of
climb going threw different experiences of climbing rock walls, to mountain, and skyscrapers. Now to
the great Mount Everest to achieve and make it to the summit as the youngest kid ever accomplish the
climb and density of the height. With his father josh they will overcome and become stronger and unit
as one to achieve this wondrous adventure.

The Highest Tide
Miles O’ Malley is friends with an old woman named Florence. Miles visits her often to make sure she is ok and will do a few things to take care of her. He will grab something from the fridge, cook her meal, help her walk etc. Florence is having more and more trouble getting around and fear’s going to a nursing home. A state worker named Julie Winslow is determined to get Florence into a nursing home and brought her special equipment. Florence knows if she ever had an accident she will have to go to assisted living.


This is a story about Nazi Germany and how a Jew lived through it. Hi son is a book writer and he asks his dad about his life in World War Two. His dad tells him about the harsh and difficult life back then for the Jews. You sometimes wonder why they didn’t just commit suicide, but I guess they had faith that the Nazis would never prevail with the crazy idea of killing all Jews. The dad tells him about his mother and she died. The son is eating up all of the details because it will make a very good book someday. This book is a comic and gives you details that words couldn’t accomplish.